Time for Global Communists to Unite under Xi and the Communist Party of China



Recently at People Liberation Army’s rally, Chinese President Xi Jinping has asked China to go to Marxist roots. Many foreigners used to think that Mao’s China was Marxist and since Deng Xiaoping China is capitalist. But this is not how the Communist Party of China think. For CPC, Mao and Deng both enriched Chinese Socialism in different objective conditions. Since objective conditions change dramatically in the 1970s, Deng took a path that is distinct from Mao.

But Deng never negated Marxism. We will explain here how CPC’s vision changed in different historical periods and why Xi Jinping facing new objective conditions distinct from Deng is taking a distinct path. Mao, Deng and Xi actually represent the response of Chinese leadership to different material conditions. Communists around the globe must accept this success of the Chinese Communist Party and must unite to become a formidable force in global politics.


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